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Boost heavy equipment product development with PLM software

How much more competitive would you be if you could improve engineering productivity? Missed deadlines, higher costs and less innovation from lost engineering productivity can result in a significant business cost. Many manufacturers are boosting their heavy equipment product development by using PLM software to manage engineering changes, requirements and design release processes.

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The benefits of PLM software for heavy equipment companies

Some of the benefits of using PLM software include reducing the following:

  • Development time

  • The cost of scrap

  • The time spent on rework

  • The time spent on managing changes, BOMs, and configurations

Heavy equipment companies can implement PLM software to eliminate time wasters, giving engineers back valuable time to focus on developing better, more differentiated equipment.

PLM software examples from users

Companies that are most satisfied with PLM use it not only to store and manage files, but also to manage engineering changes, requirements, and design release processes. Considering the number of roles involved in development, sharing design data with a broader audience is one example of how heavy equipment manufacturers can use PLM software to sustain success.

Learn more about how PLM software can help boost your productivity and eliminate time-wasters in this ebook. In addition, take a look at this PLM ROI Calculator from Tech-Clarity where you can get recommendations tailored to your business.