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Convergent modeling and generative design tools in additive manufacturing

Product development with generative design

Reading time: 20 minutes

Modern machines are no longer built in separate silos of mechanical design, electrical design, and software development.

Instead, each of those departments is reliant on one another more than ever.

To achieve greater efficiency, productivity and improve the overall design, machine builders are turning to generative design tools.

Engineers simply define a set of constraints, and generative design tools offer a plethora of design options by using topology optimization algorithms.

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More design alternatives with generative design, convergent modeling

Generative design used in a collaborative design optimization environment presents users with many more design alternatives than would be achievable on their own.

This ebook outlines numerous applications of this technology in concept design and detailed design.

Parametric, Direct, and Facet Modeling can be used interchangeably in an integrated software solution with convergent modeling.

This avoids any friction in the digital workflow that comes with the use of CAD applications alongside specialty CAD-like applications often used to enable generative design.

Streamline your design workflow with the generative design software

As companies face increasing pressure to deliver products to market faster, generative design has become a necessity in product development.

Generative design empowers engineers to make design decisions faster because it’s an iterative process that produces results through collaborative features, constraint variation, and customer requirements.

Companies need to act with speed in their design process to maintain a competitive advantage, and generative design tools and software can play a role in moving more quickly.

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