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How generative design can boost productivity for small businesses

Time is at a premium for today’s engineers in small and mid-sized companies. Quite literally, there is simply too much to do. You bear the full weight of design responsibilities. You have to work with customers, suppliers, and partners. You must spend time on the manufacturing floor to identify and resolve outstanding product issues. The list goes on and on.

When an engineer sits down at a desk, they must be highly productive. One of an engineer's primary responsibilities is to build the digital geometry of their designs. It lets them check form and fit. It is essential for analysis. It helps generate the toolpaths that drive CNC machinery. It is used to develop drawings. Design geometry is the spring from which many downstream activities flow.

Fortunately, new solutions have emerged for these tasks. Some CAD applications have now integrated Parametric, Direct, and Facet Modeling into a single environment. These offerings promise to increase productivity for engineers in small and mid-sized companies. Exploring these topics at greater depth is the purpose of this eBook.

A 3D CAD software solution designed for the do-everything engineer

Engineers have a broad range of responsibilities, but their daily schedule can vary widely. One day, they might remain at their desk doing design work, while on the next they're out inspecting a supplier’s design. The day after that, they might be running a simulation and then getting ready for a physical test. These engineers are multi-skilled generalists who must undertake the whole spectrum of design responsibilities.

Because engineers at smaller companies must do it all, they are the ones who use the various software tools needed to complete those tasks. Therefore, they are the ones developing new designs and configuring old ones with Parametric Modeling, modifying legacy designs with Direct Modeling, and manipulating mesh geometry with Facet Modeling. With their schedule so full, these engineers can ill afford the time it takes to learn and relearn specialty applications. CAD software should be an enabler for them, not a roadblock, so do-everything engineers are best served with a single tool that supports all of their activities. We believe we have the solution.

Tackle design challenges with next generation design software

For too long, mesh geometry has been considered a fringe case in design. However, as it becomes more mainstream, engineers are losing productivity. CAD applications that offer integrated Parametric, Direct, and Facet Modeling capabilities offer real promise to take progressive steps toward greater productivity. We walk through each of these approaches in this ebook. Download now.