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Gain early vessel performance insights through simulation and testing

Simulation-driven ship design for maritime engineers

To succeed in a competitive marketplace, shipbuilders must be able to design vessels that are cost-effective to build and operate while meeting sustainability goals. However, the traditional ship design spiral causes delays and hinders innovation. To overcome these challenges and meet their goals, shipbuilders need to adopt a fresh approach to ship design and engineering. Download our ebook to discover how ship design software can help boost productivity and collaboration between teams, so they can discover better designs faster.

Improve maritime engineering with simulation tools

The design spiral approach causes delays and misalignment between teams and contributes to poor cost estimations. An integrated approach is necessary to overcome these ship engineering challenges. In an integrated design environment, all data for a given design is stored and managed centrally to link the design stages and provide a single point of reference for computer-aided design data. With simulation-driven design, teams can quickly assess a plethora of options in early design stages and focus on the most promising ones.

Ship simulation for accurate testing

Using simulation-driven design, naval architects can gain greater insight into ship performance from the earliest phases of design. This advantage allows them to eliminate designs that won’t perform and reduce risks of last-minute changes. Teams can ensure consistency across simulations and leverage multiphysics simulation to understand and optimize every aspect of ship performance – from individual components to the full ship system.

Drive marine innovation by leveraging new simulation technology

Leveraging the fully automated design environment of integrated marine systems helps design and engineering teams save valuable engineering time. By focusing their attention on assessing the designs, rather than creating them, they can increase their productivity and work toward meeting the increasing demand for greater vessel efficiency.

Read our ebook to learn how Siemens Integrated Ship Design and Engineering, a fully integrated solution, enables ship designers to reduce costs, time-to-market and risks by breaking down traditional disciplinary silos and fostering innovation in ship design.