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The executive's guide to digital manufacturing for electric vehicles

Reading time: 25 minutes

Today’s executives in the automotive industry are acutely aware that the future of electric vehicle manufacturing is digital. Digital manufacturing has become essential to solving complex production problems, improving business, and achieving strategic objectives for electric vehicle manufacturers.

Digital manufacturing creates continuity between innovative product designs and best-in-class performance. Electric vehicle manufacturing companies that embrace digital manufacturing are seeing:

  • Greater speed-to-market
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased margins
  • Enhanced market position

In this ebook, learn about the increasing challenges found in manufacturing industries and how electric vehicle manufacturers, and others, can overcome these challenges with the help of digital manufacturing.

Learn how manufacturing executives overcome today's automotive industry challenges

Many manufacturers run conventional processes that get the job done – but are not the most efficient. Operational issues such as disconnected systems, partial automation, silos of information, lack of collaboration, and challenging logistics impact quality, efficiency, and the bottom line. Executives recognize that they must transform their manufacturing process to remove the barriers between these steps, streamline information flow and enhance collaboration throughout the entire process. While progressive manufacturers are already using digital tools, they also recognize the need for a more comprehensive approach to improve their business and become more competitive in today's challenging markets.</p>

How the comprehensive digital twin is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry

Using digital manufacturing to create a digital twin is crucial to driving your business forward – despite volatile and unpredictable market conditions. A comprehensive digital twin represents every aspect of a product's life in the virtual realm, from design to in-use performance, including the processes employed to manufacture the product. The comprehensive digital twin is used to simulate, predict, and optimize a product and its production system before investing in physical prototypes and assets. It provides valuable foresight before production and insights that drive continuous manufacturing improvements. This ebook highlights four real-world examples of how a comprehensive digital twin helped attain these key objectives through the lens of industry executives.

How automotive suppliers use digital manufacturing to design and build power electronics for electric vehicles

Digitalization has become necessary to support the rapid pace of innovation and the complexity in today's automotive market, including electric vehicle manufacturing. The Xcelerator™ portfolio is our comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software and services. It is designed to form a software foundation to transform how the automotive industry approaches electric vehicle manufacturing to achieve best-in-class performance with innovative product designs and digital manufacturing processes. With the Xcelerator portfolio, you can achieve synchronization between product engineering, manufacturing engineering, production, and service operations to maximize your production efficiency.

Download the ebook and discover how digital manufacturing accelerates innovation by enabling automotive industry suppliers to reduce design while achieving optimal performance requirements.