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Enterprise BOM solution for the automotive industry

Transform your product lifecycle with an integrated multi-domain digital thread

Reading time: 29 minutes
Avoid the communication and collaboration shortfalls of single or dual BOMs by investing in an enterprise BOM solution. It is a single source for all information, relationships, and product variant definitions with domain-specific user interfaces, so each domain can customize their UI to meet their needs.

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Pros and cons of a single BOM solution

While not the optimal solution, a single BOM solution has some benefits. It does provide a common data organization used by both engineering and manufacturing. Having that uniformity offers some benefits, but the drawbacks are considerable.

With a Single BOM approach, there is one BOM interface that isn’t customized for either manufacturing or engineering. It is, though, managed by either the manufacturing or engineering team. This management causes slow and costly processes for the team that doesn’t manage the BOM. Sometimes, changes don’t even make it to the other team, bringing the product lifecycle to a halt.

Pros and cons of a dual BOM solution

One primary advantage of the Dual BOM approach is that both engineering and manufacturing have BOM UIs optimized for their specific roles and needs. This allows for siloed work to be done in an efficient and accurate manner. The struggles come when engineering and manufacturing need to pass their work onto the other.

There is significant manual work and communication required to pass changes from one team to another. This slows down the product lifecycle considerably. Due to the manual nature of this transfer, mistakes are a real possibility, further exacerbating production slow down.

Benefits of an enterprise BOM solution

The list of benefits of an enterprise BOM solution is expansive, but the overarching theme is its ability to create a multi-domain digital thread across the entire product lifecycle. Powered by a product lifecycle management solution, an enterprise BOM keeps your teams and processes organized, informed and on-time. The potential to increase efficiency and quality of production and collaboration is immense.

Download this eBook published by PLM Consulting group CIMdata and get the entire breakdown of how an enterprise BOM will benefit your engineering, design and manufacturing processes.