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Enhance regulatory information transparency for medical devices

Regulatory information management is a complex challenge and many medical device manufacturers grapple with disparate systems and manual tracking. To adapt to evolving regulations, fostering a quality-based culture is essential. Prioritizing compliance not only enhances product quality but also benefits new and high-risk medical technologies. Our Closed Loop Quality and Compliance tools enable traceable, controlled regulatory information management, enhancing interactions with health authorities throughout the product lifecycle.

Centralize regulatory data with regulatory information management system

Enhance transparency for both internal and external stakeholders with our Closed Loop Quality and Compliance tools, centralizing all regulatory data in a streamlined regulatory information management system (RIMS). This integrated data management system ensures the availability of all necessary information, from documents to data. Easily identify what's been shared with regulators and monitor these interactions, enabling Quality and Regulatory teams to efficiently create product submissions.

Benefits of Closed Loop Quality and Compliance information tools:

  • Improve compliance

  • Boost collaboration

  • Enforce correct data

  • Accelerate product releases

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