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Energy management systems powered by IoT software

In the energy industry, rising costs, new regulations and sustainability initiatives have made energy reduction a top priority for businesses. But how can complex and distributed organizations achieve this goal?

With today’s energy management systems powered by IoT software, companies can collect their energy usage data in near real-time and use advanced analytics to identify ways to optimize energy usage. Download our ebook to discover how to reduce energy consumption across your assets, systems and worldwide facilities.

How to reduce energy consumption using IoT software

Whether you work for a gas turbine manufacturer or an oil refinery, how to reduce energy consumption can be answered through data analysis. Our solution uses IoT to connect machines, energy meters, products, plants and systems. It integrates multiple energy data sources into a one-stop energy management provider, enabling your business to track, optimize and report energy consumption. Download the ebook to discover how your business can better meet energy efficiency regulations while achieving sustainability goals.

Capture energy data analytics

Using MindSphere, our industrial Internet of Things as a service solution, you can:

  • Collect and visualize energy consumption in machines, plants and across your enterprise

  • Use sophisticated energy data analytics that reveal energy usage statistics over time, along with correlations that identify peaks, losses and anomalies

  • Detect any changes or energy-inefficient processes in your operations

  • Easily calculate energy costs

Quickly compute data for an energy certificate

Energy management systems are preconditioned to receive energy tax refunds and must be legally compliant and confirmed by audits. However, companies are missing tools that drive energy management company-wide and capture accurate energy data required for certification. Using our solution, you can easily access this information and quickly compute energy inputs and outputs, making it easier to obtain any energy certificate. To learn how your company can introduce energy-saving actions, read the ebook!