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Intelligent Performance Engineering Drives Innovation with Multi-Physics Simulation

Multi-Physics Simulation is a powerful simulation approach that allows you to balance multi-attribute engineering to evaluate performance across multi-physics domains. This allows you to capture and analyze all physics complexities to find better solutions to the challenges of building smarter machines.

Benefits of Multiphysics Simulation Software

Multi-disciplinary collaboration in simulation helps find the healthy compromises that ensure one domain does not suffer problems to the detriment of the entire machine. A connected digital thread can help automate the processes of sharing information between design teams, analysts, production test teams and service engineers. This allows teams to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of product variations in the most efficient way

Custom Machines; Customer Demand Grows

Factories and plants around the world are looking at how digital transformation can help them innovate in response to changing customer demands, the adoption of new technology and global competition. This is driving demand for more intelligent, flexible, configurable and automated industrial machinery equipment.

Global Competitiveness Increases Pressure on the Industrial Machinery Industry

The need to find innovative solutions to offer to customers is ever-present in a competitive, global market. Companies are increasingly under threat from competitors who are more responsive, more innovative, or lower cost. Download our latest ebook to learn more about the Intelligent Performance Engineering solution and how to leverages multi-physics simulation to drive innovation through simulation.