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Overcome the challenges of Autonomous Vehicle Development with E/E Systems

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Consumers expect to enjoy a new user experience with more advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) functionalities and higher levels of autonomy. They want their vehicles to be smart and more connected as well. Many connected hardware redundancies, sensors, and displays are required to make these technologies safe and reliable, adding further complexity and size to wiring harnesses. With traditional vehicle architecture undergoing a radical transformation and vehicles increasing reliance on the E/E systems, autonomous vehicle (AV) development will require a complete integrated systems engineering approach. Manufacturers must act fast and rethink their traditional vehicle development programs because having the right tools will be crucial.

Tackle Autonomous Vehicle Development Complexities

With the rapid introduction of new technologies, hardware's traditional role in the vehicle is being replaced by software and electrical & electronic systems. This shift implies that E/E architecture is becoming crucial for car manufacturers, and to tackle the increased complexity and to remain competitive, powerful integrated E/E systems development tools are required. Adapting to this considerable transformation that places E/E architecture at the heart of automotive innovation demands higher automation, collaboration, and integration levels that a robust digital thread can only provide. From the architectural definition, electrical systems design, and software engineering, Siemens offers a complete set of autonomous vehicle solutions for all critical technical disciplines to help automakers overcome the challenges of this complex technology.

Use E/E Systems for a comprehensive digital solution

Staying ahead in the competition will require companies to become fast and flexible using a holistic model-based approach capable of integrating every aspect of autonomous vehicle development and its sophisticated E/E systems. Siemens next-generation software for E/E systems architecture delivers model-based development throughout the design, manufacturing, and service of the vehicle's E/E system. It enables a digital innovation platform where multi-domain engineering teams can work seamlessly, from system-on-chip design to systems integration across electrical, software, and hardware. Siemens holistic solutions provide manufacturers with multi-domain systems modeling connected through a digital thread to help them tie all complex processes together and deliver future cars faster in a marketable way.

Improve product quality and Development with E/E Architecture

Virtually verify and validate embedded software, vehicle networks, and electrical systems, all within an integrated, collaborative engineering environment. By using comprehensive digital twins, manufacturers can expand beyond engineering into manufacturing and service. The Siemens digital twin technology provides a virtual model of the AV systems across multiple levels to achieve optimized design and validation faster. Take complete control of your development processes through advanced analytical capabilities, higher automation, improved collaboration, and virtual verification and validation to build the viable and reliable autonomous vehicles the world is waiting for— The time to boost innovation is now.