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E/E systems development - the key to eVTOL success


The extremely competitive eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) industry needs high-powered electrical solutions in an extremely lightweight design to meet the needs of vertical airspace and urban air mobility. In this ebook, explore the perfect balance between the system design requirements and electric propulsion needs that will combine to make an eVTOL that can fly safely and efficiently.

Leveraging the configuration controlled, electrical digital twin

Increasingly, platform developers are taking a multi-disciplinary systems approach to eVTOL development to optimize key performance metrics. Read now to find out how, through a comprehensive digital twin, ideas can be developed in concert with knowledge of how a certain innovation in one discipline helps or hurts the implementation objectives of another discipline.

This executive ebook offers an exploration of:

  • Key trends driving eVTOL companies
  • Electrical system challenges OEMs face today
  • The importance of power management and addressing platform weight
  • FAA Certification needs of an eVTOL
  • How a model-based systems approach revolutionizes the development of eVTOL vehicles