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Small companies save big with digital transformation in manufacturing

Beyond traditional industry challenges, small manufacturing companies face unprecedented challenges to reduce costs, increase productivity, and go to market faster with greater innovation. The good news is digital manufacturing investments represent a multi-million dollar opportunity for manufacturers like you.

The drivers of digital transformation

The demand for highly complex products coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions and new environmental regulations makes it harder than ever for small manufacturing companies to keep pace. With digital manufacturing solutions like additive manufacturing, even small teams can enable efficient automation throughout the entire production process, both in programming and on the shop floor, to minimize the burden and stay competitive.

72% of the most progressive manufacturers hit or exceeded throughput thanks to digital transformation investments

The need for digital transformation investments

As the Lifecycle Insight’s 2021 ROI of Digital Transformation benchmark study illustrated in this eBook shows, the most forward-looking and successful manufacturing companies actively pursue digital solutions and experience greater digital transformation ROI, including multi-million dollar opportunities for savings in inventory management and part production.

Experience the true value of digital transformation ROI

Whether you are looking to innovate with eco-friendly products, support meaningful collaboration across the supply chain, or simply cut costs and improve throughput to bolster revenue, digital transformation in manufacturing can help you innovate, grow, and stay competitive in today’s market.

Digital transformation initiatives represent a $7 million opportunity in higher throughput for part manufacturers