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Define it before you design it with digital product definition

Reading time: 8 minutes
As the automotive market needs and new technologies change rapidly, manufacturers must be able to adjust in turn. This rapid response requires agility in development and manufacturing, including collaboration among all stakeholders and the ability to make real-time adjustments.

Read the eBook to learn how automakers can ensure that the correct vehicle requirements and regulations are defined and managed throughout the development process to deliver traceability, safety, and compliance.

Start integrated and stay integrated with end-to-end product definition

The ability to define the product correctly from the start and maintain traceability throughout all stages of the product lifecycle will reduce time to market and ensure automotive products meet performance, safety, and sustainability targets. Siemens offers a seamless, end-to-end approach that places software and systems engineering at the center of vehicle development, enabling automakers to start by integrating domains and keep your design integrated.

Incorporate parameters and quality requirements earlier for better product designs

A model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach enables automotive manufacturers to leverage digital models to verify and validate requirements early in the design process. Siemens Software and Systems Engineering solution allows automakers to integrate parameters and requirements with systems modeling across all domains to make more informed decisions and define your product correctly from the start.

Gain greater insights and a common source of information with a digital twin

Automotive manufacturers can create a virtual representation of the vehicle, a digital twin, providing a common source of information for all stakeholders to gain greater insight. By accurately predicting system behavior and how domains affect one another, automotive engineering and design teams can discover the optimal design faster and reduce the need for physical testing.

Download this eBook to learn more about enabling a complete digital vehicle definition with Siemens Software and Systems Engineering solution.