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A guide to manage cross-domain engineering data using cloud-based PLM

The success of any smart, connected electronics product hinges on the cross-domain design team’s ability to share information quickly and efficiently. When engineers work with out-of-date information, the result is inefficient designs and a higher likelihood of other costly and time-consuming failures including electronics that do not fit inside the enclosure or insufficient cooling.

Read this paper by Lifecycle Insights to learn how better engineering data management using cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software can help teams overcome these challenges.

Reasons why cloud-based PLM software is key to successful digital transformation

Today's smart, connected electronics continue to grow more complex. These complex products require an intensely collaborative design process. A single centralized source of product data ensures all aspects for the product meet the necessary requirements.

Advantages of a cloud-based SaaS PLM include:

  • Improved coordination between design teams for more efficient design

  • Ensure all requirements from all design domains are met

  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers using the same engineering data

  • Secure yet accessible accurate information for every step of the manufacturing process from design to customer service

Learn how cloud-based SaaS PLM can help keep up with evolving product designs in this paper.