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Shop floor management: Next generation digital solutions

Reading time: 8 minutes

To remain competitive in today’s high-pressure industrial machinery industry, manufacturers need new solutions to maintain market share and deliver innovation in record time.

More than ever customers require highly customized products that are designed to meet their specific needs - one size no longer fits all.

How to improve production efficiency

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as their supply chain partners, are tasked with manufacturing parts and components for industrial machines. For both organizations, improving production efficiency on the shop floor is critical: parts must be built quickly while ensuring reliability and the highest quality, and they must be integrated into the larger machine while meeting high tolerance and precision needs.

Manufacturing automation software with 3D digital twin capabilities

Machine manufacturers need to fully merge their digital and physical processes and create a continuous, digitized communication and feedback loop to understand how each change to part design impacts the larger manufacturing process. They can do so in a variety of ways, such as highly automated CAM, Integrated CAD/CAM/computer numerical control (CNC), additive manufacturing, and operations intelligence.

Drive closed-loop manufacturing process with Siemens Digital Parts Production

Digital Part Production helps equipment manufacturers improve their planning by adopting a closed-loop manufacturing process in which they are executing and improving against the plan with intelligence. All the labor and quality content from the part order is tracked back to the digital twin for traceability, process improvement, and future cost reduction.

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