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Transform data complexity in the energy industry

The data supporting the lifecycle of capital projects and operational assets contain intelligence that can provide new insights to improve performance if it can be surfaced and applied. But how do you get started? Experience across many industries has shown that by adopting a digital lifecycle excellence approach to managing your enterprise technical information, the possibilities are endless.

Cross-domain solution

Across the evolution of every capital project that becomes an operational asset, the intelligence from each consecutive knowledge worker's contribution is stored somehow. With the digitalization of project requirements, simulation-driven intelligent design, and optimized construction and commissioning, the volume of that data becomes massive and complex. But the potential value that exists within that knowledge base is extremely high. In an industry where assets are operated for many decades, the ROI of each incremental improvement across the asset's entire lifecycle can be very significant.

Energy data management

Today, modern E&U companies are faced with the complex task of getting more value from their physical assets and supporting data to improve efficiency and reduce costs. To do this effectively, knowledge workers need immediate access to complete, correct, consistent information so that they can operate with excellence and seize opportunities as they arise. Using a digital lifecycle excellence approach to organize and consolidate that data will provide opportunities to increase competitiveness across your organization.