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Create and manage an accurate bill of materials (BOM) for industrial machinery

Simplify BOM management with cloud-based SaaS solutions

Technological advancements in industrial machines and equipment have driven complexity to new levels never seen before, and this is reflected in the bill of materials or BOM.

Today’s machines include mechanical, electronic, and electrical components as well as sensors, software, and smart features.

To add to an already extensive and complex BOM, it can change many times throughout a development cycle.

Companies need a BOM management solution capable of keeping every stakeholder informed in real time.

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BOM management challenges and how to overcome them

Multiple departments, from design and development to manufacturing and maintenance, use the bill of materials (BOM) for different reasons.

Having easy access to up-to-date information is vital to maintaining efficient processes and keeping costs low in an age of standardized components and specialized or custom machines.

With so many eyes on the BOM, it quickly becomes clear why the right BOM management software is so critical to any organization.

Synchronize multiple data sources with BOM management software

A complete and accurate BOM pulls data from multiple stakeholders and software programs to include each mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software component.

Automating all of this with BOM management software saves engineering time for more important work, and it eliminates any opportunity for missed steps that can lead to costly errors.

The right PLM solution can automatically generate a BOM when CAD models of every type are checked in and make updates when data changes.

As a result, PLM software creates and manages a BOM that becomes an invaluable and accessible single source of truth.

The benefits of SaaS solutions for bill of materials (BOM) management

Cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions offer industrial machinery companies built-in best practices that can be tailored to meet individual needs with little to no additional IT support required.

A SaaS solution offers multiple benefits:

  • Improve efficiency

  • Higher productivity

  • Fast implementation

  • Distributed total ownership

  • Extended collaboration

  • Security

Get this free ebook and find out how a better BOM management solution is made possible with PLM software.