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How simulation software is helping sporting goods companies change the game

For many years, technology has been a constant in sports. Nonetheless, as consumer fitness and health habits shift, sporting goods manufacturers look for new ways to meet customer demands. Furthermore, amateur athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from sports technology. In all aspects of athletic equipment and sports, simulation and testing are becoming increasingly important. This e-book investigates the relationship between simulation and testing in the development of smart sporting goods, demonstrating how simulation can help improve the performance of sporting equipment as well as how it affects athletes' and weekend enthusiasts' performance. Learn how to take your sporting goods company to the next level and become an innovative disruptor in a highly competitive industry.

Sports engineering raises the bar for performance and function

Athletic goods manufacturers and the companies that help them improve their products rely on innovation. Simulation technology has the ability to improve athletic equipment performance, which could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Learn how simulation and testing raise the bar for performance and functionality.

Embedded electronics in sporting goods products

The ability to deliver innovation through embedded electronics and software technology in new sporting goods products is critical for capitalizing on emerging market opportunities. For many manufacturers, this means transitioning from disconnected applications to an integrated design platform. Companies must improve their simulation and testing capabilities in order to capitalize on the opportunities provided by digitalization and digital twin technologies. Based on our years of experience assisting market-leading companies in this space, learn about the four critical dimensions we have identified along which organizational capabilities should evolve and mature.

Maintain relevance and competitiveness by incorporating smart equipment

For sporting goods companies, timing is everything, and it's critical that labels capitalize on current trends. Brands can maintain their market relevance and competitiveness by incorporating digital technologies, while also fostering customer loyalty and trust. Simulation is undeniably a game changer; capitalizing on this innovation can be the key to developing highly desirable products and achieving first place.