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Preparing Students for Industry 4.0

Reading time: 17 minutes
There’s a critical need to educate employees on the broader scope of what Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is and how it impacts businesses. Education into new ways of approaching product development is essential to help companies exploit innovation that leads to sustained business success.

The need for PLM strategies to transform emerging markets into emerging economies necessitates that the workforce understand PLM. Siemens PLM Software assists educators in developing a valuable supply of more qualified PLM practitioners ready to participate and thrive in the evolving digital future.

This eBook presents CIMdata’s perspective on PLM education today, including results from a survey of PLM educators from around the world. The results and analysis point out common issues that impact PLM education.

Educators and PLM solution providers need to promote PLM literacy

Today’s industrial companies are facing a serious gap in new employees’ understanding of PLM and their lack of practical experience using a multitude of concepts that exist in the PLM realm. The strategies and tools used in industrial companies today have far outpaced what is being taught in academic institutions, resulting in a significant gap in PLM education versus industry expectation.

In today's workplace, cross-disciplinary thinking is required. Download and read this eBook to gain an understanding of the PLM education approach needed to prepare students for the real world.