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Why smart manufacturing for electronics?

Reading time: 8 minutes

Most electronics companies have digitalized their operations piecemeal over time because their processes have expanded and changed as their businesses have evolved. They have applied point solutions to meet their production needs. As a result, they use homegrown solutions to fill the gaps and connect systems in a patchwork fashion. This approach takes a substantial investment in time and resources to maintain.

Smart manufacturing software solutions help you connect valuable data locked inside of many siloed production systems and processes.

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Learn how electronics manufacturers can advance their digital transformation journey with smart manufacturing software solutions

Electronics manufacturers, OEM’s and contract manufacturers alike can benefit from smart manufacturing software solutions to:

  • Know that their new electronic product (NPI) can be built as designed
  • Guarantee that their production schedules, strategy, and processes will work
  • Ensure that the production plan is lean, efficient, up-to-date, and synchronized
  • Verify that the production equipment is working efficiently (OEE)
  • Confirm production is performing as planned (MES), with quality results (KPI’s)

To really stay ahead of the competition, you need to take steps to improve your manufacturing agility by using innovative software solutions.

Smart manufacturing for electronics offers you complete connectivity

Historically, companies that build printed circuit boards (PCBs) focused on the electronic and electromechanical production aspects. Too often, mechanical design changes fail to consider electronic characteristics in production and vice-versa.

With smart manufacturing software solutions, businesses achieve visibility and trust in their production processes, allowing all stakeholders easy access to the right information at the right time. Any changes made in one specific area can be considered across all the related hardware, software, and electronics disciplines, preventing potential problems and making planning more efficient. Improve key performance indicators (KPI’s) and first-pass yield results with traceability and trust, making it easier to achieve regulatory requirement goals and reduce costs.

Smart manufacturing software helps companies reduce new product introduction (NPI) cycle times

The trend for smaller personalized electronic products with increased features and functions presents a real challenge to manufacturers. These days you need a flawless process that is standardized worldwide, and it’s important to digitalize and simulate everything to get your product right the first time if you want to compete globally. This need for personalization means that there are more new product introductions (NPIs) than ever before, with smaller lot sizes and more revisions.

Smart manufacturing software solutions help electronics companies connect valuable data that is often locked inside different siloed systems and make it visible to all stakeholders. This enables the delivery of the right information to the right place at the right time helping manufacturers to meet their time to market (TTM) goals and at the same time reduce new product introduction (NPI) cycle times and cost.

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