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Strategies to save time in CAD design with better product data management

Reading time: 12 minutes
Discover what data management strategies work best for engineers.

Studies have shown engineers waste up to 15 percent of their time on non-value-added data management tasks.

All this wasted time can lead to missed deadlines, added costs and lost opportunities.

Find out how high-performing companies approach CAD data management in this ebook from industry research firm Tech-Clarity.

CAD data management software eliminates these top 5 engineering time wasters

Product and product development have increased in complexity just as time-to-market goals have shrunk, putting engineers and designers in a serious time crunch, so they can’t afford to spend time on non-value-added tasks.

These are the top five activities where engineers and designers lose their time:

  1. Can’t find and reuse data

  2. Lost CAD designs

  3. Preparing data for others

  4. Managing complexity

  5. Change management

A good product data management system should be a top priority for companies looking to compete.

Product data management system best practices

Research shows that high-performing companies are up to 25 percent more productive than their industry peers because of CAD management software.

Engineers and designers can save time and work more efficiently with better data management practices.

The right data management technology, whether it’s PDM or a more in-depth PLM solution, must be able to work seamlessly with any CAD software.

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