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Smart manufacturing technology for the battery industry

Unprecedented electric vehicle demand and government regulations have propelled the battery industry to new heights. To meet growing demand, battery industry manufacturers must increase production while meeting delivery, throughput, cost and sustainability targets.

Download the ebook to discover how adopting our battery smart manufacturing technology will help your company:

  • Better plan battery production lines
  • Minimize commissioning time
  • Rapidly scale to giga-level
  • Minimize scrap

Plan production in a risk-free virtual environment using a battery digital twin

To become a battery manufacturing leader, companies must manage multiple product and production requirements while introducing new processes and technologies. By leveraging a battery digital twin, your business can design and validate the plant layout, manufacturing lines, machines and process before executing them on the shop floor. With virtual development of battery production, you’ll use this risk-free environment to:

  • Identify optimal line configurations

  • Simulate future scenarios

  • Quickly locate manufacturing bottlenecks

  • Track energy consumption

  • Practice scaling while protecting intellectual property

Horizontal integration and vertical integration in battery manufacturing

Within the battery industry, time-to-market is often delayed by long manufacturing equipment lead times and commissioning setbacks.

Standardizing battery machines and operations, including through horizontal integration and vertical integration, accelerates new product introductions while driving efficiency and flexibility into the production environment. Download the ebook to learn how to minimize equipment construction and commissioning timeframes.

Leverage machine learning for battery production

Due to high raw material costs in battery manufacturing, your business’s scrap rates can make the difference between profitability and loss. By leveraging machine learning for battery production along with edge devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial IoT (internet of things), you can connect your shop floor to your digital twin of battery production to gain complete visibility and control of your battery manufacturing operations and achieve operational intelligence. Read the ebook to find out more.