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Scale-up battery production without increasing scrap rate

Electric vehicles and energy storage developments are driving governments across the globe to incentivize battery production. Even experienced manufacturers are experiencing challenges with the complexity of cell and pack design.

To take the initiative in the race for better batteries, companies who want to establish themselves as leaders need to embrace agility and sustainability.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • How you can ensure that your production process is executing flawlessly.
  • How to scale up production without increasing scrap rate and jeopardizing quality.
  • How you can make your production flexible enough to incorporate future cell innovations.
  • How to minimize costs and time to market.
  • How to strive for reliable, efficient, and competitive production while ensuring sustainability.

Establish a digital execution environment for your battery pilot line

A digital execution environment plays a crucial role in establishing a battery pilot line. How can a digital twin help you design and validate manufacturing machines and processes virtually, ensuring they meet the required throughput targets?

Virtual environments allow for easy verification and adjustment of manufacturing steps, enabling faster recipe and cell format innovations. When applied to a pilot line, the digital execution environment offers flexibility in running and tracking multiple cell designs and production parameters while monitoring quality.

Our ebook shows you how fast learning and analysis enables seamless scaling to large-scale production.

Virtually commission production lines, robots, and battery AGVs

One important advantage resulting from this pilot and digital twin methodology that unlocks fast scaling is virtual commissioning. Being able to get your battery AGVs, robots and production lines moving quickly and efficiently can be a critical benefit.

Download the ebook to discover how to orchestrate production execution, control changes, enforce manufacturing best practices, ensure end-to-end traceability, and avoid production interruptions, helping you to:

  • Establish digital continuity from enterprise to operations systems, to machines and automation

  • Reduce scrap rate and maximize production throughput