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Drive greater operational efficiency across the battery manufacturing process

In the highly lucrative battery market, countries compete by developing high-output battery plants, known as gigafactories. Gigafactories require specialized machinery deliveries in short timeframes, yet there aren't enough machines to satisfy demand.

Download our ebook to discover how digitalization provides battery machine builders with next-generation technology, helping to rapidly develop modular, plug-and-produce machines that accelerate the battery manufacturing process.

Standardizing battery production processes leads to greater consistency

Our advanced machine engineering solution gives your machine-building business access to preconfigured templates and modules, helping you easily source customer requirements and worldwide product standards.

Your business can then adapt machine programming and PLC code, enabling a standardized, modular approach to machine data that drives greater consistency, accuracy, scalability and customization into builds. Standardizing processes and structures translates to greater machine consistency and accuracy while accelerating battery production processes.

Virtual commissioning accelerates the development of battery production machines

Accelerate the development of battery production machines by integrating your domains and using our virtual commissioning tools. Our solution blends software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, providing a comprehensive approach to validating PLC code and early error prevention.

By synchronizing your electrical, mechanical, simulation and automation domains, your business will achieve:

  • Greater collaboration

  • Fewer data translation errors

  • Shorter development times

  • Faster machine validation

Improve operational data acquisition through battery predictive analytics

Many gigafactories lack the maintenance skills to keep their machines operating at peak efficiency. By building data acquisition and battery predictive analytics into your machines, you can offer customers a lifetime package of remote monitoring and service.

Improved visibility of operational data also supports closed-loop validation, increasing clarity of how machines are used and influencing designs. Learn how to grow your revenue through machine maintenance needs by downloading our ebook!