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Boost battery efficiency with model-based development

The EV and energy storage markets are demanding higher battery efficiency at lower cost, while authorities push for net zero and set strict targets on sustainability.

This has fueled record levels of research into battery technology, but how do manufacturers identify the ones that will help them develop affordable and sustainable batteries, and implement these solutions quickly and effectively?

Download the free ebook to learn how you can use a model-based development approach to:

  • Innovate battery material as well as cell and pack designs
  • Achieve premium performance
  • Design safe battery solutions
  • Keep batteries affordable and sustainable

Innovate battery material as well as cell and pack designs

What are the crucial elements to design an optimal cell? From cell chemistry to innovative battery material combinations in a practical layout, these decisions will determine the cell's characteristics and shape the overall design process.

Download the ebook to discover how determining the layout and size of the battery pack involves considering application-specific requirements and configuring the number of cells and their series-parallel wiring topology. By organizing cells into modules, a robust and manageable configuration can be created, which influences the pack's protection and cooling needs to boost battery efficiency.

Design safe battery solutions

With the right combination of embedded software design tools, you can implement an integrated controller which regulates the incoming and outgoing power streams to your battery. You’ll see an increase in application-specific performance and your battery solutions will be kept within safe operation parameters.

Download the ebook to find out more about how your battery development can benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach.