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Digitalize your battery development process

As electric vehicle sales increase, demand for next-generation batteries is growing exponentially. Battery development businesses must now quickly design and engineer innovative cells, modules and packs that exceed targets while scaling up production.

Download the ebook to discover how our digital twin approach provides an accurate virtual representation of your entire battery development process, enabling:

  • Cross-domain collaboration
  • Model-based development
  • Integrated software design

Improve battery cell performance

In the battery industry, innovation and performance gains will likely come from new materials and chemistry breakthroughs. Your business needs digital tools to efficiently explore all options, make the right decisions and evaluate constraints like costs and manufacturability. In the ebook, you’ll learn how our solution accelerates battery cell innovation while reducing costs.

Deliver an optimally running battery pack

To maximize battery pack performance, you need to optimize the battery management system, the integrated controller that regulates all power streams to and from the battery. Our solution provides strong algorithm development capabilities and a dedicated simulation-based process for embedded software engineering and validation. Read the ebook to learn how to optimize pack performance by accelerating the creation and validation of secure, defect-free battery management systems.

Increase longevity and avoid thermal runaway in batteries

Premium battery performance, such as ultra-fast charging, could compromise other requirements, including lifespan, safety and stability. A well-known risk is thermal runaway, overheating of the battery cell. Our solution enables in-depth studies of numerous operational scenarios to help your business prevent recalls and even litigation. To learn how our systematic, fully-digital design approach can help your company become a battery industry leader, read the ebook!