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Designing batteries that shape future e-mobility

Battery manufacturers need to combine skills, technologies and processes to facilitate trade-off between performance and cost.

The design of batteries is a critical factor in the future of e-mobility. Battery manufacturers are working on several new technologies to develop batteries with even greater performance, affordability, and safety. These new batteries will enable the development of even more efficient and sustainable transportation and energy solutions.

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Battery development requires electrical, thermal, and structural engineering expertise

Battery development requires expertise across various engineering disciplines, including electrical, thermal, and structural engineering. A multiphysics approach is essential for designing safe and high-performing batteries. Using simulation tools and collaborating with experts, battery manufacturers can reduce development time and cost and deliver better products to market faster.

The battery is a competitive differentiator for electric vehicles

The battery is the most critical component of an electric vehicle, and it is a key differentiator for EV manufacturers. By investing in battery development, EV manufacturers can develop batteries that meet the demanding requirements of the EV market and provide consumers with the best possible EV experience.

AI represents an opportunity for innovation on battery performance engineering

AI is a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize battery performance engineering. By combining AI with other vital technologies, battery manufacturers can accelerate innovation, develop safer and more sustainable batteries, and integrate and validate these batteries more efficiently. To learn more about how AI can improve battery performance engineering, download our free ebook on the future of batteries.