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Test drive digital vehicles with continuous product verification and validation

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Automotive manufacturers must focus on software as the new differentiator to deliver the complex and connected vehicles that consumers demand. Vehicles must also be scalable so that manufacturers can add the software-based features that customers want in the future. Failing to offer new features that provide an enhanced driving experience will result in companies losing market share and relevance.

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Implement virtual testing through continuous product verification and validation

Real-world, scenario-based testing for accurate and rapid verification and validation on complex systems will help build attractive, safe vehicles to dominate tomorrow's automotive market. Siemens offers a seamless, end-to-end approach that places software and systems engineering at the center of vehicle development to succeed in tomorrow's auto industry by starting integrated and staying integrated.

Optimize designs and continuously verify and validate systems across domains

To efficiently deliver designs that meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements, an integrated MBSE approach is required. This holistic and frontloaded approach enables engineers to optimize designs and continuously verify and validate systems across domains, leveraging the data to improve performance by balancing vehicle-level attributes such as fuel economy, power, comfort, and drivability.

Use a model-based systems approach to prevent costly errors

The traditional approach to design makes it virtually impossible to predict how changes in one domain may impact another accurately. The results are production delays, rising costs, and warranty issues. MBSE addresses the complexities of vehicle systems while reducing the need for physical prototypes to cut costs and increase speed to market.

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