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Smart manufacturing and factory automation: 3 trends influencing robotics development

Key trends, including the rise of smart factory initiatives, automation, and shifting robot architecture, are driving engineers to leverage new techniques and technologies in the design and development of robots and robotic systems.

Driving innovation with smart factory automation

Manufacturing is changing and designers and engineers developing robotics are having to change with it. In the past few years, consumer demand and the emergence of smart products have pushed manufacturers to explore radical new ways to create value. They are harnessing robotics to automate their factory floors and relieve pressure on human resources. Robotics and automation aren’t new concepts, but they remain a core technology for modern factories.

Embracing modern robot architecture

From a technology perspective, the fundamental architecture of robotics is changing. Robotics systems are becoming more modular, customizable, and intelligent. Machine learning, sensors and other new technologies are paving the way to a new class of collaborative robots (or cobots) that can work alongside humans.

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