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Manufacturing IIoT: how your business can drive innovation and ROI

53% of companies have started an industrial internet of things initiative*, but how can IIoT capabilities be best applied by industrial and consumer electronics businesses. The key lies in scaling your digitalization journey so that with every new step forward your company is using data to inform what’s next. This ebook breaks down the 8 most important challenges facing companies today and how IIoT and digitalization can scale into a comprehensive solution that creates a clear competitive advantage for your business.

Download the ebook for a comprehensive look at all of the benefits IIoT can bring and check out a few of the standout capabilities below.

Manufacturing asset management and maintenance with IIoT

Connecting and monitoring machine performance allows your company to cross-reference metrics with KPIs to ensure peak performance from all assets. A comprehensive asset management system to better understand operating conditions is essential in building a foundation for the lifecycle management (PLM) of your products.

Efficient energy use

Green compliance is at the forefront of many business goals, and lifecycle management can help your business accurately track and manage areas of consumption that can be reduced. According to a study by Emerson, 37% of energy brought into industrial plant is wasted. Make sure your business isn’t wasting over a quarter of it’s energy potential.

Cut costs with a comprehensive digital twin 

With the most comprehensive digital twin software on the market, Siemens enables your business with real-time data that supplements your virtual models. Cut down on costly prototypes and save time with the growing potential of digital twins. Read the ebook today!