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Use agile engineering in aerospace to develop complex products

Reading time: 10 minutes

These are challenging times for the aerospace and defense industry. The need to innovate along with the emergence of new technologies are causing unprecedented levels of disruption. Increased global competition complicates the situation even more. A transformational effort is required to meet today’s market demands for faster product innovation at less cost, without sacrificing quality or high-performing or high-performing product capabilities. Imagine a powerful tool to fly your designs before you build them.

Agile product development speeds time to market

Removing the roadblocks to innovation involves reducing technical risks and mastering product development processes to stay on schedule and on budget. So what if you could fly your most complex designs before building them to ensure the performance, manufacturability, and supportability of your products early in the design phase? Agile engineering practices have proven their value in the software industry. As the industry undergoes rapid change, aerospace and defense enterprises have an opportunity to adopt the same approaches to succeed.

Next generation tools used in aerospace design

Take engineering agile today and succeed! Using agile methodology and the power of digitalization, define a program plan that accelerates product development. Build a collaborative, model-based design environment, combining electrical, mechanical, and software disciplines to foster iterative and innovative designs, using virtual verification and manufacturing to “test” the designs.