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Smart manufacturing solutions in aerospace

How smart manufacturing solutions enable rapid, right first-time production

Forward-facing aerospace and defense manufacturers have continued to succeed amid the industry stress caused by electrification, supply chain interruptions, new processes and more. How? By adopting a model-based approach powered by a smart manufacturing solution.

A smart manufacturing solution will foster stronger collaboration, centralization and standardization, facilitating rapid, right-first-time production.

Implementing a model-based approach with a smart manufacturing solution is more manageable than you think. Find the roadmap of incremental steps in this ebook, the first of a three-ebook series.

Manufacturing challenges in aerospace

The last few years, with the pandemic, supply chain complications and rapid technological advancement, have highlighted the need to evolve your aerospace and defense manufacturing production processes. Traditional processes are not fit to meet expedited time-to-market demands for these more complex, feature-rich and interconnected products. Manufacturing A&D products within currently disconnected teams—working in their separate software tools— slows development time, inhibits effective communication and leads to more mistakes and delays.

Aerospace model-based manufacturing plan

Adopting a smart solution with a model-based approach will center your many domains in one common digital backbone that enables efficient communication and data-sharing between previously siloed teams. This end-to-end digital manufacturing continuity allows for cross-domain collaboration throughout the development process, from start to finish. A newfound connection between design, engineering and manufacturing will ensure rapid, right first-time production.

Download this ebook to learn about all of the capabilities a smart manufacturing solution can provide you. Plus, find out how to implement this solution, step-by-step, to set you up to be an A&D factory of the future.