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Four keys to optimizing A&D production processes

How uniting the virtual and real worlds reduces costs and accelerates product development

Today, aerospace and defense companies confront challenges that render old manufacturing methods outdated. Stricter regulations, greater product complexity and supply chain issues make meeting deadlines and budgets more difficult than ever.

These conditions are causing many companies to reevaluate their traditional document-based production processes. Forward-looking A&D companies have seen this as an opportunity for innovation, adopting smart manufacturing solutions to unite the virtual and real worlds.

Dive into this ebook, part two of our series, to discover the four keys to optimizing A&D production processes. Plus, find out how smart manufacturing solutions can reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate product delivery.

Uniting the virtual and physical worlds with smart manufacturing

A comprehensive digital twin is the backbone of a smart manufacturing solution. The digital twin is a highly realistic virtual representation of the product and production processes and systems. It provides a centralized source of truth to ensure that all stakeholders are working on the most current data and models. With a single source of accurate data, you can optimize collaboration between previously siloed teams. The digital twin also offers crucial automation and virtualization capabilities surrounding factory floor configuration, whether it’s for current legacy equipment or new systems.

Download the ebook to find out how a smart manufacturing solution can help you plan, optimize and test your factory floor virtually before commissioning it physically.