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Digital solutions for modernizing A&D manufacturing execution

Deliver complex products with closed-loop manufacturing and closed-loop quality initiatives

To remain successful in the ever-evolving field of aerospace and defense manufacturing, companies can't afford to become complacent. As they're tasked with producing increasingly complex parts and products within stricter deadlines and budgets, A&D manufacturers need to optimize their products and processes to achieve a flexible, connected factory of the future.

In part three of our smart manufacturing ebook series, learn how a digital manufacturing environment powered by connected, closed-loop systems and processes can keep you moving forward.

Smart manufacturing succeeds where traditional systems and processes fail

Where traditional A&D manufacturing processes have limited visibility, traceability and collaboration with siloed teams working with document-based processes and systems incapable of real-time data analysis, a smart solution for manufacturing succeeds by facilitating cross-domain connections and closed-loop digital continuity.

A smart solution for manufacturing unites the design, engineering and manufacturing domains with a comprehensive digital twin that serves as a single source of truth. It ensures that everyone across the production timeline has access to the same up-to-date data and models. With this end-to-end manufacturing connection, design and engineering information can be communicated to the factory floor. Manufacturers can continuously optimize processes with real factory and product performance metrics that are fed back into the models.

Download this ebook to learn how a smart solution for aerospace and defense manufacturing can help modernize and optimize manufacturing execution.