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Digitally transform aerospace manufacturing

In the aerospace and defense industry, disruption is everywhere, forcing OEMs and suppliers to accelerate production ramp-up and build complex products faster. To accomplish this, you can digitally transform aerospace manufacturing with a seamless transition from planning and engineering to manufacturing. Download this e-book to learn how you can digitalize manufacturing on the fly and build the factory of the future today.

Connect aerospace design to manufacturing

Product complexity is driving the need to incorporate new technologies into production to overcome engineering challenges – new methods, materials and skillsets are required to meet the quality and efficiency demands of customers today. Digital transformation will help you connect aerospace design to manufacturing seamlessly to utilize part manufacturing information from the design all the way down to the shop floor.

You can leverage the IoT to capture real-time data from actual production to close the loop between virtual and real operations to align as-designed and as-built quality, ensuring complete traceability and associativity to meet today’s growing regulatory demands. With intelligent manufacturing, you then feed data back into the production digital twin to drive continuous improvement of processes and optimize production lines.

Benefits of aerospace intelligent manufacturing

Speed to market is one of the biggest issues facing manufacturers today, and legacy practices create unnecessary slowdowns. As pressure increases, it is vital to optimize production lines and employee productivity while minimize production disruptions. The benefits of intelligent manufacturing in aerospace include the ability to rapidly manufacture increasingly complex components using innovative manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, multi-axis machining and robotics. You can leverage a digital thread to create product and production digital twins to run manufacturing engineering concurrent with design, enabling you to accelerate production ramp-up.

Intelligent manufacturing enables today's aerospace factory of the future

Through digitalization, intelligent manufacturing enables today’s aerospace factory of the future. You can empower your organization with digital transformation for greater insight to optimize production processes, enable increased customization and minimize the impact of design changes. Your organization can continuously improve with automation, multidisciplinary process planning, advanced manufacturing technologies and insights from IoT and data analytics.

Siemens intelligent manufacturing solution

The factory of the future is here today. Our intelligent manufacturing solution provides the aerospace and defense industry with an open, flexible ecosystem to help accelerate production ramp-up and deliver complex products faster with first-time-right quality. We deliver a full lifecycle solution ensuring a seamless transition from engineering to manufacturing so you can build better quality products at a lower cost.

Are you ready to digitally transform your facilities to boost innovation and productivity? Download the e-book to learn more.