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Integrated spacecraft engineering with Simcenter

Tackle complex technical issues during launch and in orbit through integrated virtual and physical testing.

The space industry is in the midst of a massive transformation. Cheap launch capabilities, the democratization of space, renewed interest in space exploration and new ground-based applications enabled by satellites are pushing the industry to embrace new digital tools to address the complexity of spacecraft engineering. Download this ebook to learn how Siemens Simcenter software can help you innovate faster while reducing costs and risks.

Space systems complexity

Bold missions are forcing space companies and agencies to rethink spacecraft design. They are increasingly interested in cheaper, reusable launch systems; high bandwidth and continuous connectivity; and sustainability in the space environment. These forces increase space systems complexity while also adding pressure on time, cost and risk. Digital tools that enable the capture, collection, simulation and development of innovative ideas will be crucial in this new era for spacecraft engineering.

Benefit from Siemens’ experience in spacecraft engineering

Siemens’ experience in spacecraft engineering and extensive software portfolio can help you:

  • Design performant products

  • Break down silos

  • Develop faster

  • Reduce risks

  • Innovate further

Download the ebook now to learn more.