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Jet engine engineering

Read this executive brief to learn about integrated jet engine engineering to accelerate innovation, unlock data and enable collaboration. It reviews business imperatives, threats and opportunities, solutions and strategies to accelerate digital transformation and unleash your team’s potential with the right tools and data.

Jet engine design

It’s time to rethink jet engine design to meet environmental and financial goals. Questions to consider include:

  • How can you accelerate complex engine development?
  • How do you reduce engineering risks for your innovative concepts?
  • How do you reduce emissions?
  • How do you stay in the electrification race?
  • How do you manage and speed up the engine certification process?

Jet engine design challenges

Jet engine makers are faced with increasing system complexity from their customers and ever more stringent emission standards. To meet these demands while reducing development costs requires a new approach based on modern simulation and testing capabilities. Advantage is gained when you can predict performance across all critical attributes earlier and throughout the entire product lifecycle in order to optimize design and deliver innovations faster, with greater confidence. This is possible through digital transformation and solutions enabling insight into virtually all aero-engine performance engineering design challenges.

Jet engine engineering digital transformation

Digitalization is a key factor for jet engine program success. It provides the means to turn complexity into your competitive advantage. Learn to:

  • Tackle complex technical issues such as asymmetric cooling and understand thermal and dynamic deformations to keep clearance under control
  • Break down silos between engineering teams
  • Mitigate risks by modeling complex phenomena in a more integrated way

Siemens digital solutions

Our digital solutions, like Simcenter, are available through Siemens Xcelerator. Siemens Xcelerator is a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services – and catalyst for digital transformation. Explore powerful, reliable and scalable digital solutions to transform your jet engine development process. You benefit from complete and validated computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions to address design changes with design exploration, workflow automation, simulation process and data management.