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Five ways digitalization streamlines aircraft certification

A digital approach to verification and certification management brings with it many far-reaching benefits. This ebook explores five of the most meaningful ways a verification and certification digital thread – woven from requirements through verification and onto certification – impacts typical aerospace and defense (A&D) programs for the better.

Impact of digitalization on aircraft certification

Digitalization has become a pillar within design and manufacturing operations. It must also be adopted to manage verification and certification activities because manual tasks are time-intensive and prone to errors.

Adopting a digital certification management system moves the process from a document-centric approach to a data-centric one, allowing for granular changes to plans, test definitions, procedures and other documentation while supporting real-time reviews and configuration control.

Digital certification management establishes a standardized system among development teams, manufacturers, OEMs and the supply chain to deliver consistency within the data sets. It enables A&D firms to create enforceable workflows based on responsibilities throughout the extended enterprise to make certification activities a shared responsibility. The common platform provides visibility into airworthiness status through real-time dashboard reporting and analytics to keep programs on schedule and budget. Through secure, cloud-based services, certification data can be created, modified, linked and traced – at any time, from anywhere.

Aircraft requirements management

Aircraft requirements management with our verification management digital thread enables a comprehensive digital twin of A&D development programs, which accelerates the certification process by incorporating workflow-initiated verification and certification tasks into daily product development activities. This streamlined, closed-loop approach integrates verification and certification dependencies into the overall aircraft program plan so certification goals are met at every development step.

Verification management provides complete traceability between all verification and certification artifacts across disciplines and the entire supply chain via cloud-based services. This single, integrated environment ensures verification events are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence.

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