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The benefits of cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions for aerospace and defense

Quick scalability | Sufficient data security | Pivot easily

To remain competitive in today’s market, aerospace and defense manufacturers are adopting solutions to support digital transformation. One common area they’re doing this is product development with the implementation of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, which enable them to manage information and processes across the product lifecycle.

In this ebook from Lifecycle Insights, learn how aerospace and defense companies can benefit from implementing a cloud-based SaaS PLM solution.

PLM solutions increasing productivity for aerospace companies

PLM solutions can help increase productivity for aerospace companies, along with other benefits such as:

  • Managing product design data and bills of materials

  • Keeping data up to date

  • Implementing change management

  • Accelerating design release

  • Enabling collaboration across engineering disciplines

  • Facilitating collaboration with external stakeholders

  • Achieving certification

SaaS PLM for aerospace and defense

There are three different classifications of PLM solutions: on-premises, cloud-based or SaaS-based. These classifications are based on their accessibility. For an on-premises solution, the company installs, operates and manages the solution on systems located on its premises. For a client-operated cloud model, the same is true, but a cloud provider operates the data center. Finally, with a SaaS-based solution, the solution provider installs, maintains and updates the solution on cloud data centers. With SaaS PLM solutions, aerospace and defense companies have no responsibility to install, manage and update the solution.

Of these three models, the on-premises PLM solution has been the most popular. However, the SaaS PLM model is growing in popularity, particularly among small and medium-sized aerospace and defense companies.

Experience accessibility and security with cloud-based PLM for aerospace and defense

A company’s needs and capabilities will determine which PLM solution model is right for them. Large enterprises tend to prefer the on-premises option because they want complete control of their PLM solution and have the resources to manage and maintain it.

However, small and medium-sized aerospace and defense companies need a secure and accessible option to fit their needs. A SaaS PLM solution can fit within their budget and scale with their needs. Even larger companies are starting to consider SaaS PLM because it is cost-efficient while offering the same benefits as an on-premises solution.

Download the ebook now to learn more about the different types of PLM solutions and whether a SaaS PLM solution is right for your aerospace and defense company.