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Cloud-based PLM for bill-of-materials management in aerospace and defense

Certification is a crucial part of development for aerospace and defense companies. However, as aircraft become more technologically advanced and complex, it becomes challenging to ensure that the large amount of data involved in projects are effectively managed and accessible to all stakeholders. This is particularly important for managing the bill of materials.

In this ebook, learn about the benefits of implementing a cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

The impact of product complexity on bill-of-materials management

Aircraft today are becoming increasingly complex, with more integrated systems driven by software and electronics. When one small design change can impact an entire project, having a way to effectively connect all stakeholders to the latest data becomes crucial.

This need for a single source of truth is particularly apparent for those who interact with the bill of materials (BOM). Implementing a PLM system can help navigate issues of collaboration and alignment around the BOM. A BOM managed within a PLM system can deliver a single definition of the product where all stakeholders can visualize, track changes and validate product configurations within a collaborative digital environment.

Aerospace bill-of-materials management in the cloud

A PLM system allows you to manage product-related processes and information across many domains, including bill-of-materials management. However, a cloud-based PLM system offers additional benefits. With a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution, you can get a PLM system up and running on day one. With web-based access and no installation, your team teams can collaborate on project information, including the BOM, from anywhere.

To learn more about cloud-based PLM for effective BOM management, download the ebook now.