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IoT in aerospace and defense

Achieving success with the Internet of Things (IoT) requires a lot more than just selecting the right technology. To achieve success with the IoT, aerospace and defense companies should focus on several factors early on to help determine the best IoT solution that meets their needs:

  • Take the time to create a strong business case
  • Identify all security requirements
  • Define the top requirements of a successful system

Download the ebook from IndustryWeek®, How to Achieve Success with the IoT, to learn about more items to consider upfront when starting any IoT project.

Build an IoT business case

The IoT has the potential to lower costs, improve productivity, enhance safety and open new markets by changing how a company acquires, communicates, stores, analyzed and visualizes data. Despite seemingly obvious benefits, building a strong IoT business case can be challenging.

This ebook includes a deep exploration of how to build a bullet-proof IoT business case. You’ll find guidelines to help you show how the solution will generate value and move beyond the proof of concept (PoC) to be implemented at scale.

IoT challenges

Learn from early adopters how to manage unexpected challenges of the IoT. Based on a survey conducted by IndustryWeek of manufacturing professionals who have launched IoT projects, we share key takeaways. Respondents share the positive impacts as well as implementation challenges, and you can learn from their experiences and insights to avoid surprises and potential pitfalls as you plan your own IoT implementation.

Top five requirements for success with the industrial IoT

Simply put, there are no shortcuts to a successful industrial IoT deployment. Successful deployments are strategic in nature, requiring the right mix of tool, processes and procedures. Analysts following the rapid rise of IoT identify five requirements for success. They demonstrate a critical need for advance planning to avoid complications.

Here are the top five requirements for success with the industrial IoT that your aerospace and defense organization should consider carefully:

  1. Create a well-rounded team.
  2. You will need help. Get it early.
  3. Establish goals early.
  4. Start small and scale up.
  5. Build in security now – before it’s painful.

The guidelines presented in the ebook are written for project leads who have received approval to proceed with the financial resources needed to take the first few steps.

IoT security

This ebook details six steps you should take when implementing IoT security. These items will help as you evaluate IoT implementation for your aerospace and defense organization:

  1. Establish a team dedicated to security.
  2. Produce an inventory of your industrial assets.
  3. Decide what equipment needs to be connected.
  4. Identify the missing links and tap into people that have extensive experience with security.
  5. Learn about connecting legacy equipment.
  6. Determine if some machines, computers or other equipment should be replaced.

Download the ebook to review these steps in detail as part of your successful IoT implementation planning. Of all the elements in an IoT deployment, security will prove to be the most important in the long term.