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Supply chain management planning – challenges and opportunities

Supply chain disruptions are incredibly stressful for manufacturers. Without visibility into all levels of the supply chain, production planning can be difficult and disjointed. There are so many complexities and dependencies that need to be balanced. That is where supply chain management planning becomes crucial, and an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution can help manufacturers stay in control.

What is production planning in supply chain management?

Bringing production planning to supply chain management allows companies to assess potential scenarios, such as supply chain disruptions, and adjust production plans around the supply chain. This involves breaking down communication silos so that there’s visibility into the supply chain from the supplier network to distribution. Having an accurate window into the various levels of the supply chain means companies can harness supply chain management and take the supply chain into consideration with their production planning.

Supply Chain Management Today

Companies have faced supply chain disruptions in recent years, severely impacting their ability to get raw materials or finished products. Supply chain management has become increasingly vital for companies to be successful. Managing the supply chain and being able to understand its complexities and dependencies creates opportunities for companies to succeed despite a challenging environment.

Future Trends in Supply Chain Management

One future trend in supply chain management is the adoption of a control-tower approach. This allows companies to create a cross-functional team to break down silos and gain access to all the information they need to make data-enabled business decisions throughout the entire supply chain. Being able to see in real time how the supply chain and production facilities interact gives manufacturers the power to manage the entire value chain.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) in Manufacturing and Supply Chains

An advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution in manufacturing and supply chains is key to the success of a control-tower approach. An APS solution supports the three main pillars of this approach by enabling companies to make data-enabled decisions and quickly evaluate a variety of potential scenarios. An APS system also creates an environment of collaboration among various stakeholders.

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