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Develop the next generation of vehicles with Accelerated Product Development

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The traditional automotive landscape as we know it is coming to an end. New and powerful mobility technologies like advanced driver assistance systems, autonomation, and vehicle electrification are transforming the automotive industry. And these technological advancements are driving automakers to push the boundaries of innovation and performance as they try to stay at the cutting-edge of the industry. However, many OEMs risk falling behind with legacy practices and outdated tools.

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Use Accelerated Product Development to deliver today’s complex cars

Consumers are demanding innovation to increase sustainability, connectivity, and customization. The next generation of vehicles must meet escalating regulatory and homologation requirements driven by the climate emergency. Automotive manufacturing companies are under tremendous pressure to evolve and accelerate their product development processes in a dynamic and complex environment where rapid innovation is the key to survival. Automakers must optimize product development to manage complexity and develop the next generation of vehicles. With Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions, manufacturers can accelerate their development cycle to reduce cost, free up funds and resources, and cope with the increasing customer and government requirements.

Accelerate innovation and develop better products faster

Automakers need to design and develop new products quickly and efficiently and bring them to market ahead of the competition to thrive in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. Failure to compete due to lack of innovation, slow development, or launch delays will result in a loss of business. Manufacturers need a new engineering approach integrating mechanical, electrical, and software domains into a data information platform to Accelerate Product Development enough to compete within the new automotive landscape. With Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution, companies can harness the power to develop products with highly complex technologies faster and more efficiently.

Demonstrate a digital transformation with Accelerated Product Development

The rise of new mobility technologies is reshaping the automotive industry with electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles. Due to demand for these new technologies, increased development complexity has generated many requirements and interacting targets that are difficult to track to ensure compliance. Consequently, many automakers are forced to put speed over thoroughness and skip necessary verification and validation steps, which leads to an increase in recall and warranty costs. The only solution is a digital transformation to accelerate product development. And Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution empowers businesses with the digital tools needed to deliver today’s complex cars successfully.