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Addressing three main challenges of modeling complex assemblies

How do you deliver increasingly complex product designs in less time to maintain a competitive edge and gain market share?

Today’s critical advanced assembly modeling challenges fall into three main categories: performance, usability, productivity. Engineers must address each of these challenges in order to build and visualize their product designs quickly and cost-effectively.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques and rising demand for better aesthetics, product complexity is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Under the constraints of shrinking project lifecycles and budgets, engineers must bring complex products to life to help companies retain or gain a competitive advantage. The need to model large and complex assemblies is also changing. Several trends are driving companies to pursue increasingly advanced assembly modeling capabilities to realize productivity gains, reduce costs and accelerate their time to market.

In this ebook, we examine cross-industry trends driving companies to pursue increasingly advanced assembly modeling capabilities, the primary challenges of complex assembly modeling, and how to address those challenges through modern technology and tools.