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Accelerate new product introduction with the right digital tools

Get quality machine components to market faster

Component manufacturers are expected to continuously innovate while simultaneously maximizing productivity and manufacturing efficiency.

Industrial machinery is changing quickly as smart manufacturing becomes more prominent and machine builders become more mindful of the economic and environmental costs of components.

The right digital solutions can help component manufacturers overcome these new challenges and drive greater manufacturing efficiency, increase revenues and deliver new products to market faster.

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Component manufacturing trends driving the industry

Component manufacturing constantly evolves and changes to meet current needs, and major trends continue to shape the industry.

Disruptive influences like the fluctuating cost of raw materials can make it more difficult to calculate and manage the overall costs of complex and highly configurable components.

Smart manufacturing initiatives mean new component designs are more complex than ever, and companies are changing how they do business to account for consumer pressure and government regulations to design and build more sustainable products.

A new path forward with Accelerated Product Introduction

Accelerated Product Introduction from Siemens uses digital solutions to develop better processes associated with a new product introduction (NPI) and improve overall component manufacturing efficiency.

These digital solutions also provide better cost and sustainability transparency between component manufacturers and their stakeholders.

And finally, quality and manufacturing processes become integrated, which leads to more reliable and consistent products that customers can appreciate.

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