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Accelerate automotive product development with data traceability

The growing popularity of electric vehicles and autonomous driving has opened the door for new automotive competitors. Technology-led businesses are leveraging their expertise and agility to push the automotive market forward, compressing development cycles and capturing market share by being first to market on ground-breaking products. Automakers must adopt a new approach that uses data to generate efficiencies and reduce development costs without impacting quality or performance to successfully develop the next generation of vehicles.

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A state-of-the-art product data management system for next generation vehicle design

To strike the delicate balance between thriving in today’s market and developing the next generation of vehicles, automakers need to maximize efficiencies to speed up development. The first step to reducing wasted time and effort to free up critical resources is implementing an integrated data management process that is fully accessible to the product development ecosystem. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions provide a comprehensive data management system with a digital thread to validate the next generation of vehicle design.

Embracing automotive complexities with consistent and auditable traceability

As market demand for more complex products grows, so do the challenges of tracking numerous, interconnected requirements. Without reliable traceability, automakers struggle to ensure they have fulfilled new regulatory and homologation requirements. This leaves them exposed to higher liability risks and rising warranty costs. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions enable a digital thread backbone into the product development ecosystem to improve traceability and auditability.

Faster innovation and product development through digital transformation

Digitalization can help automakers stay at the forefront of today’s fast-paced automotive industry while also engineering the next generation of transportation. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions provide the necessary infrastructure for a more collaborative and productive environment that accelerates product development. It guarantees traceability, improves product quality, and reduces development time and costs.

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