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Learn the benefits of Accelerated Engineering for small and medium business (SMB)

As products become more complex and demands for personalization present new and costly engineering challenges, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) need to adopt new tools to succeed.

Accelerated Engineering for SMBs offers the necessary tools to facilitate productivity, data sharing and collaboration via the cloud.

Additionally, when SMBs take advantage of advanced technologies like Accelerated Engineering, they can more easily attract and retain the top talent they need.

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Key drivers of digital transformation

Many SMBs have been slow to adopt advanced digital tools because of the costs and the staff training required to use them.

Digitalization and the rise of SaaS delivery, advanced technologies are more accessible to companies of all sizes.

At the same time, global competition is driving down prices and reducing lead times, so the need for these tools is greater than ever.

The digital transformation has become a necessity because of demands for more personalization and increased competition for top talent.

And integrated digital solutions like Accelerated Engineering for SMBs make it possible for companies to take part in the digital transformation currently in progress.

Why is digital transformation important for small businesses?

SMBs are well positioned to quickly adapt to changing market trends, but at the same time, their unique challenges may limit their ability to deliver on time and on budget.

There’s a growing need to lower costs and increase collaboration. Embracing a digital transformation can accomplish both.

SMBs can optimize production more easily and promote collaboration using integrated digital solutions.

Those same solutions result in higher customer satisfaction, which results in a bright future filled with growth and improved margins.

Integrated digital solutions for a big return on investment – key benefits

A single, digital platform capable of integrating everything from design to manufacturing and everything in between makes it easier for any company to bring products to market faster with better quality.

Accelerated Engineering for SMBs helps to:

  • Eliminate silos to foster innovation

  • Improve data visibility for all stakeholders

  • Connect requirements to product development to ensure compliance

  • Reduce outsourcing with high-end simulation tools

  • Attract and retain talent with better technology

And because this solution is both affordable and accessible, companies will discover an immediate return on their investment.

Download the ebook for a more in-depth look at Accelerated Engineering for SMBs.