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10 Reasons to Choose PADS Professional

Reduce product design cycles, avoid costly design respins, and get products to market faster—it’s all possible with PADS Professional’s advanced PCB design capabilities. If you’re an independent PCB designer or part of a small engineering team looking for a competitive advantage, check out this infographic for 10 reasons why PADS Professional is the best choice for your design needs.

Proven PCB Design technology for small teams and workgroups

PADS Professional’s advanced PCB design capabilities provide small teams and independent PCB designers and engineers with competitive advantages that will reduce product design cycles, help avoid costly design respins, and empower them to get products to the market faster!

This unique, infographic-styled paper showcases various advantages to PADS Professional users including:

  • MCAD collaboration

  • Routing automation

  • Electrical DRC

  • Rigid-flex capabilities

  • Analog mixed-signal simulation

  • Signal Integrity

  • RF design

  • DFM Analysis