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Solid Edge CAM Pro Student Edition


Solid Edge CAM Pro Student Edition is designed to work in concert with Solid Edge CAM Pro licenses issued to your academic institution. CAM Pro Student software can design and simulate CAM models but cannot output directly to CNC machines.
Solid Edge CAM Pro student edition is a free version of our professional Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for students. It is available free of charge, so you can learn and practice using the same professional Numerical Control (NC) programming solution used by industry-leading manufacturers around the world.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use Solid Edge CAM Pro helps manufacturers define and execute a wide range of manufacturing processes, including milling, turning and feature-based machining, with comprehensive machining simulation. Simple enough for students, CAM functionality is guided with an intuitive, modern user interface (UI), instructive tutorials, and built-in templates and wizards.

Three reasons you should download this CAM student software today:

  • It is free to any active student
  • It is compatible with your university or academic institution’s equipment
  • It provides a hands-on opportunity to learn NC programming

Additional resources to support your learning:

Training that fits your needs

The Solid Edge Learning Library offers free access to topic-based or project-based tutorials, online self-paced courses, and interactive learning resources. With training materials specific to CAM, students can easily be guided to learn Solid Edge CAM Pro and reference content to supplement classroom learning.

A vibrant online and offline community

Join the growing Solid Edge Community online to connect with other Solid Edge CAM Pro teachers and students. Your participation in the Solid Edge network is strongly encouraged. Whether you are asking a question, sharing your own experience, or simply networking with other passionate users, the community is a great place to learn, grow and connect.