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Simcenter Femap Student Edition

Free professional finite element analysis (FEA) software for students

Across the manufacturing industry, pressure to reduce costs and improve quality is driving demand for digital simulation and analysis skills. Knowledge of advanced engineering analysis can give you a huge advantage as you enter the professional workforce. You can build the skillset you need with Simcenter Femap Student Edition software—a free version of the most advanced engineering analysis environment on the market.

This free download:

  • Is available to any active student

  • Is intended for academic course work

  • Has a license that will not expire

Note: Files created in this edition cannot be opened in commercial versions of Simcenter Femap.

“Composites are very straightforward with Simcenter Femap. It's easier to change things in Simcenter Femap than it is in other programs. It opens new doors because we are able to achieve a level of analysis with composites that went far beyond what we were able to do in the past.”

Tim Moran, Lead Chassis Designer

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Racing Team

What's included?

The most advanced engineering analysis environment

Simcenter Femap is recognized as the world’s leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre-and post-processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis (FEA). It provides an FEA modeling solution to handle even the most complex tasks easily and accurately.

Easy to use, easy to learn

Simcenter Femap has embodied the principles of power and simplicity for over 30 years and continues that focus today with a Windows-native graphical user interface and efficient workflows that simplify access to all Simcenter Femap functionality and streamline the process of creating an accurate and representative simulation model.

A vibrant online and offline community

Access our online Simcenter Femap user community, where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get advice from a community of professional Simcenter Femap users. With an extensive Knowledge Base of tips and tricks, online learning resources, and in-person user events, you can get everything you need to enhance classroom learning.


Simcenter Femap System Requirements